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CCTV Installation in Manhattan

Do you need to install a CCTV for your business? Do you need to repair your current system? Then you will want to contact Village Lock & key and enjoy of our professional CCTV installation services, as well as a dedicated team of expert technicians to handle all the repairs you need, at prices that won’t bankrupt your business.

Our company installs the latest technology in CCTV system to help you monitor and protect your business.

CCTV stands for Closed-Circuit Television, and they are by far the preferred form of business security across the World. At Village Lock & key in Manhattan, we provide a professional, and efficient installation service, as well as repairs and maintenance.

Hiring the professional services of Village Lock & key come with plenty of benefits including:

  • We will inform you about everything you need to know about CCTV.
  • We have several years of experience in installing and repairing CCTV systems.
  • Our expert technicians are fully trained, qualified, and capable of instructing you which CCTV system will be best for your business.
  • We know exactly where to place those cameras to offer you full coverage.
  • Lastly, we work only with the best brands in the market, which allows us to provide you with an unmatched quality service.

When you are looking for a company to install a brand new CCTV security system or repair an existing one, you want Village Lock & key in Manhattan to do it. Let the pros do their job, and your store will be guarded from all angles.

How to choose the right CCTV?

Knowing how the right CCTV security system can protect your business will help you make an informed decision.

A CCTV security system is the most popular and effective solution to keep your business safe. You can watch in real-time who enters and exits your store. You can use the closed-caption TVs to view everything that is happening on the store through the cameras. You can have one monitor to view all cameras or send the footage directly to your smartphone.

At Village Lock & key we are experts at providing you with the best commercial security systems.

The installation of a CCTV system is part of our commercial locksmith services. We make sure to cover every angle of your property, in and out, so you can have a full view of what’s going on around you. You can check on your employees if they are arriving on time, or are stealing from you. Also, you can keep an eye on the loading dock or storage areas 24/7.

Choosing the perfect CCTV system is essential, there are two factors to take into account when deciding, your budget’s limitations as well as the ones from the environment you want them installed. Luckily for you, once our technician arrives at your location, and conducts a thorough inspection, he will inform you about the most suitable options for you.

Don’t forget, at Village Lock & key in Manhattan we offer 24 hours, seven days a week emergency locksmith services. No matter if its a holiday or 4 AM on a Sunday, you can rest assured our technicians will come to you and installed, maintain, or repaired your CCTV system. Leave everything on our hands, we’ll take of your problem quickly, effectively, and efficiently.

Our expert technicians at Village Lock & key can install, maintain, and repair all types of CCTV systems, including…

Multi-channel DVR.

Remote Access

Surveillance cameras

Infrared cameras

Motion activated cameras

Outdoor cameras

Indoor cameras

IP cameras

Motion detectors

Night vision cameras

Why Village Lock & Key

There are many reasons why people choose to work with us and rely on our locksmith services, including:

  • We are a fully licensed company.
  • We offer a record-breaking response time.
  • We are available 24/7 all year round.
  • We handle all the repairs and installation.
  • We offer our customers expert advice.
  • Our mobile locksmith units are equipped with the latest technology in tools, supplies, and other necessary instruments.
  • Our technicians have more than five years of experience under their belt.

Remember, if you are having any sort of trouble with your CCTV system, or you want to upgrade the one you have, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We will provide you with the most comprehensive CCTV repair service. We’ll have your system up and running in no time thanks to our fully equipped mobile units we’ll come to you. Not only do we work with the leading brands in the industry, but we also employ only the best and most qualified technicians in the field. All to make sure that you are happy with the end result.

As a business owner, keeping your property safe is your number one priority, give us a call at Village Lock & key in Manhattan and protect your investment.


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