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One of the most frequent reasons people go to a home locksmith and tells them “I need to change my locks” or request a door lock repair is right after their houses have been broken into. When this situation happens, you can count on Village Lock & Key in Manhattan to deliver top quality service through this hard time.

Don’t wait for the worst to happen and say to yourself “I need to have my locks change near me.” Make sure you have our Village Lock & Key number (212) 488-4888 on your cell, our qualified team can come to your house, conduct a thorough inspection and alert you of any malfunctioning lock that may be putting your safety at risk. Additionally, our home locksmith will instruct you in the many ways you can upgrade your home security, installing high-security locks, lock cylinder replacement, deadbolts, adding extra safety to your sliding doors, and windows.

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Locked out of Your Apartment? 

Finding yourself in an “I just got locked out of my house,” kind of situation can be quite frustrating, and it can immediately ruin all the plans we had for the day. Most people believe they will have to spend hours just standing there waiting for help to arrive, but not with us, at Village Lock & Key in Manhattan we offer emergency residential locksmith solutions fast, as soon as you contact us and answer a couple of questions our technician will arrive at your location in less than half an hour. Avoiding such situations as “getting locked out of my apartment,” is impossible, at one time or another we are gonna face a situation like this, losing your keys or breaking your key in the lock, regardless of the scenario, you need to remember Village Lock & Key is here to help you. This problem is more common than it seems, being locked out of your condo it is something that happens to many people.

Investing in our home security should be a priority, and you can avoid worries in the future. Village Lock & Key can help you with that as well. You and your family’s security while you are at home, is our number one priority.

Our professional team of residential locksmiths at Village Lock & Key in Manhattan is fully trained to handle all your emergency residential locksmith scenarios efficiently. If you ever wonder “who can I trust to unlocked my apartment door?”  Village Lock & Key is the answer. We provide our services to all residents in Manhattan and all five boroughs. As soon as you contact us, we will dispatch our technicians to your location and unlock your house as quickly as possible, making sure you stay secured.

Apartment Lock Out

Our expert locksmith technicians are certified and insured and can take care of any lock they face.  People say they are friendly and professional for us they are family so we put our best into them so you will have the best experience possible. 


Lock Cylinder reeplacemnt, Lock Change, Rekey

Changing locks is not as simple as it seems. A true locksmith will know which lock to match to a certain door by the level of security you would like to keep for yourself and your family. Ask about our security options and how you can secure your family

Lock Repair

Not all locks need to be replaced right away. Our locksmith technicians are trained to access the situation and examine if the lock can be repaired or replaced. We always like saving you money when we can. 

Your Family’s safety is important to us!

Today we could not live without locks and keys. Locks have been essential for the protection of our houses, offices, cars, etc. They are a common element in our daily lives that do not stop improving to give us the best possible security. Moreover, the keys are just as essential as locks are, after all, you can’t unlock something without one. Whenever one of them isn’t working as it should we have two options change locks or rekey locks, in any case, you are going to need the expert hands of a home locksmith. Village lock & Key in Manhattan offers one of the best Residential solutions, give us a call or come down to our offices, talk to one of our representatives and get an estimate on our services.

When you contact a locksmith to change locks, he will immediately suggest replacing all of them which can be expensive, and sometimes unnecessary. If the possibility exists our professional home locksmith at Village Lock & Key will attempt to change the “internal combination” of locks, and instead of replacing the whole mechanism all he has to do is rekey locks, a much more affordable alternative and just as effective in some cases.

At Village Lock & Key Manhattan is devoted to bringing effective and efficient solutions to all your residential locks issues. Your safety is our number one priority. 

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Customers talking online about our residential services

I’m living at LES Manhattan. Forgot my keys in other coat. I called Village lock and Key. Locksmith tech arrived very fast and open my apt door professionally and in short time frame! Thank you for great service!

Iuliia Linchuk

These guys are the best. Arrived quickly, got the job done well, and were friendly. There was no nee to replace the cylinder or the lock. Hopefully I don’t get locked out again, but if I do, I know who to call. Thank you.

Nova Alexis Joseph

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