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Residents of Greenwich Village rejoice because the answer to all your lock-related problems has arrived. Village Lock & Key Locksmiths offers several services to all residents of Greenwich Village. We are one of the top choices among all locksmith companies due to our 100% commitment to making sure your home, car, and business are secured, and in the event of a locked out situation we are available 24/7 for any emergency locksmith situation.  What sets us apart from the rest is, we work only with the best locksmiths all certified and fully trained to use the latest equipment in locksmithing, and this enables us to provide all of our customers with top quality mobile locksmith services and roadside assistance. Your safety is our number one priority.

If you find yourself in an emergency situation such as getting locked out of your home, office, car or losing the keys in Greenwich Village you need to remember the first thing to do is getting to a safe location and calling a locksmith. Village Lock & Key in Greenwich Village is a 24/7 emergency service committed to providing the customers with high quality and fast solutions to their lock-related issues. In case you were wondering not every locksmith in Greenwich Village offer such services, but not us, regardless of the emergency, you are having you can count on our expertise. Our technicians stand ready to come to you as soon as you called them.

Locked out in Greenwich Village?

Nobody likes it when they find themselves in an “I just got locked out of home,” kind of situation, it can be quite frustrating, and it immediately ruins all the plans we had for the day. Most people believe they will have to spend hours just standing there waiting for help to arrive, but not with us, at Village Lock & Key we offer emergency residential locksmith solutions fast, as soon as you contact us and answer a couple of questions our technician will arrive at your location as fast as possible. Avoiding these situations is impossible, at one time or another we are gonna face it, losing your keys or breaking your key in the lock, regardless of the scenario, you need to remember Village Lock & Key is here to help you. You are not alone, at one time or another a lot of people have said: “I need a professional locksmith to unlock my home.” 

You never know when you are going to need our emergency locksmith services in Greenwich Village, even if you are careful with your keys and locks, the possibility exists that you will need to call a locksmith. With so many scams and fraudulent services going around is hard to trust in any locksmith, If you feel this way, gives us a call or come down to our store at Village Lock & Key in Greenwich Village, talk to one of our representatives and see for yourself all the reasons why you can trust us.

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Greenwich Village Auto Locksmith Services

We are not only one of the most reliable and trustworthy locksmith company in Greenwich Village because of our highly skilled technicians but also because of our commitment to using only top of the line tools and machinery. This allows us to fix any issues with modern key transponders, pick the locks of any car model, and more importantly create an ignition key replacement on the spot. This problem is so common we can’t even tell you how many times our customers call us telling us “I need a technician to unlock my car.”  Our locksmiths will assist you during your car lockout emergency in the safest way possible, without doing any damage to your vehicle. We are the only answer whenever you ask “Is there a car lockout service near me”? 

With time car keys wear down, and they no longer retain their original shape. They can also break on the door lock or in the ignition. If you own a newer car model, there are a number of situations that could deprogram your key FOB. In any case, no matter the year, make or model of your car our technicians at Village lock & Key are capable of re-keying the ignition key. We also offer key FOB programming services in Greenwich Village.

Customers in Greenwich Village talking about our locksmith services

“Had a custom blank for my house key that I needed cut. Home Depot and Walmart refused so I came here and the gentleman had it cut in 30 seconds! The key looks AWESOME and works like a charm. All for only $3!”


“I needed a second key for a car top carrier and it was apparently a weird shape, so home depot wasn’t able to do it. They specifically recommended these guys, and these guys were able to take care of it cheaply and quickly!”

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